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24H Entrepreneurship Challenge – Bonjour India Event

Call for applications

24H Entrepreneurship Challenge, India 2017

1-2 December 2017, IISER Pune



Take part in the first Indian edition of the 24H Entrepreneurship Challenge, a 24-hour long competition for research students who wish to get an invaluable experience at setting up a business! From the initial idea to the business plan, teams of students will hone their business skills through action-training, experiencing decision making in a tight race against the clock to come up with the best start-up concept. A jury of experts from the business and innovation sector will select the most promising project, and the winning team will get a unique opportunity to travel to France and engage with its buzzing innovation ecosystem.


The 24H Entrepreneurship Challenge comes to India

The 24H Entrepreneurship Challenge, or 24H Chrono de l’Entreprenariat©, is a concept created by the French National Agency for Research and Technology (ANRT) and Novancia Business School to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship among PhD students, and to equip audacious researchers with the necessary skillset to take their most innovative ideas from laboratory to market.

Organised each year in France since 2011, the ‘24H Entrepreneurship Challenge’ was exported abroad for the first time in 2016 with a successful edition organised in Australia, which will be repeated in 2017.

 ‘24H Entrepreneurship Challenge’ is now coming to India to draw from India’s vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship environment. This first Indo-French edition will be organised in the framework of “Bonjour India 2017/2018”, a platform which will celebrate Innovation and Creativity of the long-lasting partnership established between France and India.

Co-organised by ANRT, Novancia Business School and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune, with the support of the French Embassy in India, the event will take place on the campus of IISER Pune on 1-2 December 2017.

It will offer ingenious and bold Indian PhD as well as Master students a unique platform to develop their business skills and to engage with Indian and French companies eager to detect fresh ideas and talents. The team with the best project will win a one-week trip to France to visit leading innovation hubs.


This project places Master and Doctoral students in science, technology, and humanities in an entrepreneurial situation for 24 hours non-stop.

8 teams composed of 7 members each will be formed and coached by relevant professionals. They will work for 24h on an innovative concept addressing one of the 8 proposed domains (Transport, Health care, Water and environment, Energy and biomass, Communication IT, Waste management, Digital matters and Big data, Robotics, mechanics & ergonomics…).

Participants will get a first-hand experience of setting up a company through learning-by-doing, from the initial idea to drawing up a business plan.

All along the competition, participants will be guided by mentors and experts who will help them elaborate their business model, and will receive training by experts selected among professionals from the public and private sector, learning about legal, commercial, and financial aspects. They will immediately get to put theory into practice while developing their business concept.

Over a continuous 24-hour period, each team will require resilience, creativity, teamwork and a willingness to take risks in order to come up with a pitch to win over a jury of experts, entrepreneurs, scientists and managers who will pick the two projects that go through to the final.

The laureates of the competition will win a trip to France with a visit to France’s best innovation hubs for a one-week science and technology tour, and will attend the annual edition of the French edition of 24H Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Key facts and figures

  • First Indian edition of ANRT’s ‘24H Chrono de l’Entreprenariat©’
  • A 24 hours nonstop competition
  • 56 participants
  • 8 teams (selection will be on individual basis and teams will be formed afterwards by the coordination committee).
  • 8 thematic domains:
    • Transport
    • Health care
    • Water and environment
    • Energy and biomass
    • Communication IT
    • Waste management
    • Digital matters and Big data
    • Robotics, mechanics & ergonomics
    • Social Sciences and Humanities will be also considered as transversal
  • When: 1st and 2nd December, 2017
  • Where: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune, Maharashtra
  • Partners: ANRT, Novancia Business School, IISER Pune, French Embassy in India (Institut Français en Inde).

Useful information

Programme of the event (download detailed programme)

The event will start by a general introduction and presentation of the event at 9 am on December 1st.

The 24h challenge will officially start at 1:00 PM on December 1st and will end 24h later on December 2nd at 1:00 PM.

Teams will be then invited to pitch their project in front of an jury composed of Indian and French experts, in two phases: semi-finale and finale.

Application & Guidelines (download application form)

Send the following documents via email to

  • Application form
  • Copy of ID or Passport
  • Curriculum vitae and track record (3 pages max, including any professional experiences and the 5 most relevant publications if any)
  • Letter of support from a Faculty member / supervisor of the Indian institution where the applicant is registered. This letter should include a recommendation from the Faculty member/supervisor, and a leave of absence authorising the applicant to attend the Challenge. (You can download a standard letter for the leave of absence here).

Only individual applications will be accepted.

Deadline for application: 2 October 2017.

Selected candidates will be notified by email on 31st October 2017.


Candidates must be Master or PhD students and be registered in an Indian academic institution/organisation.


Accommodation and meals will be covered for the duration of the event. Participants living far from Pune will have the possibility to reach one day earlier, accommodation will be provided at IISER Pune.



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