ARCUS Water Workshop

ARCUS: Workshop on Urban waters on 15-17 February 2017

Anna University (Chennai), François-Rabelais University (Tours, France) and the Institut Français de Pondichéry carried on a 3 year long research project on the diagnostics and environmental hazards of Chennai waterways. This research was funded by the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International development and the Region Centre-Val de Loire.

The scope of the study was to map the fluvial system, influents and tributaries, identify potential agricultural, industrial and urban sources of incoming pollution, provide protocol of sampling bed sediments and water, measure sediments and water proxies, analyse trace element proxies, reconstruct the supposed upstream-downstream contamination gradient and correlate the state of polluted waters to the industrial areas and urban planning.  The project has allowed the exchange of numerous scientists – from post-graduate students to senior University professors-, including two PhD students (one Indian and one French) who performed their research both in India and in France.

On 15-17 February 2017, scientists of the three institutions gathered presented the results of their studies at the School of Architecture & Planning at Anna University.


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