In 2012, France was India’s 5th partner country in terms of scientific co-publications (after the United States, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan), with 892 co-publications. The key fields of this cooperation include: Biology and Health, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and materials, Geosciences, Informatics and Space.

The number of French-Indian publications has risen significantly over the past few years: 189 in 2001, 359 in 2005 and 892 in 2012.

In 2014, France and India celebrate their 50th anniversary of space cooperation.


Every year, around 200 000 Indian students go abroad for their studies, mainly to the Commonwealth countries and to the United States. The use of English, as well as the large Indian diaspora presence and equivalent higher education systems, give those countries undeniable advantages. However, France manages to rank 2nd in the continental European countries, after Germany, as a choice for higher studies by Indians.

Over the past five years, the number of Indian students going to France has increased by 50%, reaching 2,600 students in 2012.

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