Call for proposals – Tech conference from MGIEP-UNESCO on Digital Pedagogies, December 16 – 18, 2017

Tech conference from MGIEP-UNESCO on Digital Pedagogies – Call-for-Proposals 

UNESCO MGIEP looks at youth and the technological space as key focus areas for intervention in formal, informal and non-formal learning systems. The Institute has identified technology as a key tool offering unique pedagogical insights into fostering critical inquiry, empathy, and compassion, in addition to embedding the concepts of peace, sustainable development and global citizenship into the core disciplines of mathematics, sciences, and the humanities. UNESCO MGIEP therefore believes organizing TECH (Transforming Education for Humanity Conference) comes at an opportune time as countries find innovative ways to achieve the 2030 education targets and more broadly the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

About the conference

In an age of rapid change, characterized by exponential growth in information technology, globalization and rising inequalities, the 21st century poses a unique set of challenges. To contend with these interconnected global issues, education systems have to develop new and innovative approaches. This means that we need to work at all levels—from government policies to classroom teaching methods and informal learning—to empower young people to rapidly and easily adapt to their changing environments and to lead socially responsible lives. With this background, UNESCO MGIEP is organizing the TECH conference.

Target Audience

TECH intends to bring together educators, education researchers, neuroscientists, edtech specialists, policy makers, students, gaming experts, curriculum designers, young social entrepreneurs, technology experts and futurists who can help build, share, enhance and deliver Digital Pedagogies for Peaceful and Sustainable Societies.

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