The French National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) has established a permanent liaison office in India since 2013 to develop collaboration and partnerships in the Space sector. Located within the French Consulate General in Bangalore, it is headed by Dr. Mathieu Weiss, who is also Counsellor for Space Affairs for the Embassy.

Contact: mathieu.weiss[at]

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About Space cooperation between France and India: France and India celebrated 50 years of their space cooperation in 2014. They entered into an agreement on the use of outer space for peaceful purposes, signed on 30 September 2008, extended and clarified the areas of cooperation, emphasizing in particular the study of climate change using space-based facilities for Earth observation, or the development of telecommunications satellites for commercial purposes. This agreement made it possible to develop the Megha-Tropiques satellite, launched on 12 October 2011, and the SARAL satellite, which was put in orbit on 25 February 2013.

The April 2015 MoU signed between the French (CNES) and Indian (ISRO) space agencies has paved the way for new projects. In the pipeline are a third jointly developed satellite for climate monitoring and a joint mission to be put in orbit in 2018 for boosting the Argos system, which collects and processes environmental data via satellite. French contributions to India’s upcoming inter-planetary missions to Mars and Venus are currently under consideration. January 2017 saw new cooperation in satellite launch technology. Apart from its cooperation with India’s space agency, ISRO, France is also collaborating with new players of the Indian NewSpace movement, through CNES partnering with TeamIndus’ mission to land a rover on the moon’s surface in January 2018.