EURAXESS Science Slam 2015


Once again, 5 researchers from the ASEAN region will be competing in the finals of the EURAXESS Science Slam for the title of ASEAN’s best science communicator.

The new champion will join the winners of the EURAXESS Science Slams Brazil, China, India, Japan and North America on a unique networking trip to Europe in 2016. There they will get the opportunity to visit a research lab of their choice anywhere in the European Union.

The 2015 edition of the EURAXESS Science Slam India will be launched in June (2nd half).The live finals will take place in Bengaluru in October 2015.

Updates on the national EURAXESS science slam qualifiers and how you can participate will be announced shortly!

About the EURAXESS Science Slam:

§  The EURAXESS Science Slam ASEAN 2015 is the third edition of the ASEAN-wide science communication competition. It offers researchers in ASEAN the opportunity to showcase their research projects to their peers and the wider public in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

§  In 2015, EURAXESS Links ASEAN is collaborating with local partners in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam in the organisation of national qualifying science slams. Each national qualifying science slam will identify one (1) national champion.

§  Each of the 5 national champions (finalists) will present a topic related to their research to an audience of non-experts at the final slam to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia in the autumn of 2015.

§  The slam will be given in English in less than 10 minutes and can be supported by video and audio material, ppt. slides and any other kind of media available, as well as by scientific equipment.

§  The performances of the participants will be judged by the audience and the jury based on conceptualization, style and originality.

§  The winner will be awarded a round trip to Europe where he or she will attend a scientific meeting along with the winners of the other EURAXESS Science Slams organized in the US, Japan, India, China and Brazil.

§  The event is open to researchers of all nationalities currently based in ASEAN active in all fields of research.


Terms & conditions:

1.    The competition is open to participants from all nationalities and all scientific disciplines.

2.    To enter the competition participants must be 18 years old or older at the time of entry.

3.    To enter the competition participants must be PhD candidates or holding a PhD.

4.    To enter the competition participants must be working in a research capacity at a recognised university OR research institute / centre OR company in any of the following ASEAN hub countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam).

§  To enter the competition participants must be willing and able to participate in the EURAXESS Links ASEAN science slam finals that will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia in the autumn of 2015.

5.    Economy return flights (1 ticket per person) and hotel accommodation (2 nights) will be booked and paid for by EURAXESS Links ASEAN for the finalists not resident in Jakarta, Indonesia.

6.    Only one entry per person.

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