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International Conference on Advanced Materials, Energy and Environmental Sustainability’ (ICAMEES-2018) – 14th-15th December 2018 at UPES.


‘International Conference on Advanced Materials, Energy and Environmental Sustainability’ (ICAMEES-2018): 14th-15th December 2018, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun (UK).

The main focus of conference is the utilization of advanced materials and technologies in enhancing global energy security as well as environmental sustainability through various unique approaches. ICAMEES-2018 will provide an opportunity to students, scholars, academicians, researchers, scientists, engineers and industrialists to come together on a common platform from around the world. The consortium will be benefitted through sharing their ideas, exchanging state-of-the-art research and development and by identifying research needs and opportunities in this emerging field. ICAMEES-2018 will provide an ideal environment to develop new collaborations and meet experts of thematic areas.

We are glad to share that Professor Dr. CNR Rao (Bharat Ratna) has kindly consented to be the Chief Patron and Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna Ji (Environmentalist, Chipko Movement leader) has agreed to be the Guest of Honor during the conference and to shower their blessing on us.

Tracks (T) of ICAMEES-2018:


Track 1: Advanced Materials: Nanomaterials, Materials for Industrial Applications, Materials for Environment, Conservation/Protection, Polymeric Materials, Semiconductor, Magnetic Materials, Photonic materials/ crystals.


Track 2: Energy Harvesting/Sources: Biomass Conversion, Biofuel and bioenergy, Petroleum Products, Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydro Power, Hydrogen energy, Fuel cell, Shale gas, Nuclear energy, Geothermal energy, Wave & tidal energy, Thermal power.


Track 3: Energy Storage: Super Capacitors, Batteries, Materials for Energy Storage, Adsorptive Storage, Alternative & hybrid energy systems, Smart grid.


Track 4: Environmental Sustainability: Waste Management, Waste Water Treatment, Soil Conservation, Industrial pollution, Pollution control strategies, policies and legal aspects, Global warming, Natural disasters, Climate change.

Track 5: Miscellaneous: Green chemistry, Green buildings, Energy conversion technologies, Energy Management and policies, Green technologies & climate concern, Computational techniques for energy generation & storage.

Further details of the conference can be visited at: www.icamees2018.com

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