Official launching of the Collège de France Lecture Series in India!

Official launching of the

 Collège de France Lecture Series in India

 On the occasion of

Professor Philippe Sansonetti’s visit to India

—  Delhi, Kolkata & Bangalore, 12th-16th January 2015 —

The Collège de France (Paris), the Service for Science & Technology of the French Embassy to India (Delhi) and the Centre for Social Sciences & Humanities (Delhi) launched the COLLÈGE DE FRANCE LECTURE SERIES on 12th January 2015 in India. Every year, until 2017, three to four Professors from this prestigious French institution will come to India and deliver lectures in renowned universities and institutes all over the country. This initiative intends to spread scientific knowledge and culture, and to share views on activities from fundamental research to social sciences and humanities research in different fields of sciences.

This Lecture Series falls within the long tradition of scientific collaboration between France and India, and aims to strengthen this collaboration by generating new projects and budding new research partnerships.

The Lecture Series was inaugurated on January 12th at the Center for Social Sciences & Humanities in Delhi, at the Science Café with its first Professor Philippe J. Sansonetti, Chair of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at Collège de France, Professor at the Pasteur Institute and world-renowned scientist in the field of microbiology in presence journalists.

image1sdsqdFrom 12th to 16th January 2015, Professor Sansonetti visited three Indian cities — Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore — and gave lectures at the institutes and meet colleagues to discuss the emergence of potential new collaborative projects. Three lectures were given in renowned Indian institutes, and one at the Alliance Française in Bangalore, catering to a wider public such as students and high school students. Titles of those conferences are given below:

1/ “Pathogenesis of Shigella infection: the Yin and Yang of innate immunity” (National Institute of Immunology, NII, Delhi),

2/ “The long way to developing a vaccine against shigellosis” (National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases, NICED, Kolkata),

3/ “Microbes and men: an (almost) perfect symbiosis” (Alliance Française, Bangalore),

4/ “Pathogens and commensals: war and peace at mucosal surface” (Indian Institute of Sciences, IISc, Bangalore).


In addition to those conferences and institutes, Professor Sansonetti also met several other researchers and scientists from his field of research: around fifteen researchers and scientists from the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology(IGIB), Pr. GB. Nair, Directors of the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI), and around fifty researchers from the National Center for Biological Sciences (NCBS). He also took this opportunity to visit the laboratories of those institutes.


Professor Sansonetti’s visit in India has been successful, particularly in terms of number of attendees to the lectures and articles in the press. Expected new collaborations will be followed-up by the Embassy services.

The Service for Science & Technology and the Centre for Social Sciences & Humanities are presently working on the other professors’ visits under this program due for this year. Pr. Gilles Boeuf, Chair in Chair in Sustainable Development – Environment, Energy and Society (February 2015), Pr. François Bourguignon, Annual chair in Knowledge against Poverty (April 2015) and Pr. Edouard Bard, Chair in Climate and Ocean Evolution (Fall 2015).




Professor Sansonetti’s Lecture at NII, Delhi

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