Special Call under Industry Academia Research & Development Programme of CEFIPRA

FrenchLogoThe Industrial Research Programme (IRP) of Indo-French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA) was launched in 2002 to support collaborative research programme involving Industry & Academia of both the countries. Launching of IRP has worked as an enabling platform for the organizations in India & France to realize their potential in terms of product and process development. It has facilitated innovation, risk taking for Industries and also bringing the private industry, public institutions and the government under one roof to promote the research and innovation between India & France. Recently CEFIPRA has changed the name of the Programme to Industry Academia Research and Development Programme. Apart from regular call for pre-proposal in all the areas of technology of interest to the Indian & French Industries, CEFIPRA invites special call for pre-proposal in the following areas:
Areas of Collaboration ( Targeted Topic for the Call)

– Additive manufacturing,

– Robotics

– Affordable Medical Devices



The proposal must be industry centric, formulated by the industry with a focus on the industry priorities.

– The proposal must involve at least one industrial partner from France and one from India and a research institute from France & one from India.

– Proposals involving one industrial partner from one country and one research institutes from other country are also welcome but however clear justification should be provided for the same.


Eligibility criteria for Industry Collaborator

The Company or SME should have well established in-house R&D unit with a good track record of R&D achievements. They should be register and operational for at least last three years.


Eligibility criteria for Academic Collaborator

Principal Collaborators and Joint Collaborators have to hold a permanent position as scientists/ Faculty members in universities/ deemed universities, academic institutes and national research and development laboratories/institutes.


Duration & Support

– The duration of the solution-driven proposals should be maximum for 3 years

– Total Support will be maximum up to Euro200000 / 1.5 cr. Outstanding proposal(s) may be considered outside this range as exceptional case

– For Indian side, the support will be in Indian Rupees& French side, it will be in Euro.


Allowable costs

The following component will be supported under the project:


For knowledge collaborator or organization from India:

  1. i) Manpower
  2. ii) Consumables & Contingency

iii) Equipment

  1. iv) Travel (As per CEFIPRA’s rate)


For knowledge collaborator or organization from France:

  1. i) Manpower
  2. ii) Consumables & Contingency

iii) Travel (As per CEFIPRA’s rate)


For Industry Collaborators (Both India & France)

  1. i) Travel ( As per CEFIPRA’s rate)
  2. ii) Manpower

Industrial Collaborators are expected to contribute to recurring expenses and equipment required for the component of the proposed project to be implemented at their premises.


How to apply

Formulate the problem you wish to address

– Identify partners in India and France

– Send a 2-3 page concept proposal in the prescribed format of CEFIPRA at e-mail ID: targetedprogramme@cefipra.org.

– The Industrial Research Committee, comprising experts from India and France, will examine the proposal and advise the partners on preparing a detailed proposal.


Deadline for Submission of concept proposals: 21st May, 2015

Dear Line extended to 31st August 2015


All the information on: http://cefipra.org/pdf/Special_Call_for_pre_proposal_under_Industrial_Research_Programme.pdf

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