Write_down_your_goalsCreate_steps_inA three day Indo-French seminar on ‘Women in Science’ was held from 3rd to 5th February 2015 at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. The seminar highlighted the scientific contributions and achievements of women working on collaborative Indo-French projects. The seminar also provided an opportunity for young women researchers to interact among each other and with experienced researchers. Funded by the Indo French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA), the event was jointly organised by the Science Department of the French Embassy in India, Indian Academy Panel for Women in Sciences, an initiative by the Indian Academy of Sciences and the Indian Institute of Science.

The Seminar had a multi-fold purpose:

1) To showcase the excellent research done by women scientists in the framework of the projects funded by the Indo French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA) over the past few decades;

2) To have an Indo-French dialogue to arrive at best practices for increasing women’s participation in science and making it more efficient and effective, by learning from each other’s experiences;

3) To provide a platform for young women scientists working in different areas of science to present their work, interact with the senior scientists participating in the seminar and with each other as well.

The seminar spanned two broad research areas:

1) Health and Life sciences and

2) Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

It included plenary talks by eminent women scientists from India and France, scientific presentations by women researchers involved in joint Indo-French projects, and two poster sessions by more than 80 young researchers. There was also a panel discussion on “Issues on Women in Science: focus Indo French Collaboration” on 4th February. Some of the main recommendations of the panel session regarding Indo-French cooperation were: to include more women in Indo-French panels and committees, especially the CEFIPRA Scientific Council, and to make it compulsory in Indo-French conferences and seminars to involve at least one woman speaker. The importance of affirmative action to increase gender equality in research, and in particular with regard to Indo-French science, was agreed by all.

The seminar was attended by almost  250 participants  coming from France and from all over India.

Organizers: The Science Department of the French Embassy in India (https://frenchscienceindia.org/),the Indian Academy Panel for Women in Sciences(http://www.ias.ac.in/womeninscience/) and the Indian Institute of Science (http://www.iisc.ernet.in/index.php) have co-organized this event, with funding by the Indo French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research (http://cefipra.org/).

The programme of the Seminar is available on Seminar Programme Weblink.

The compendium of the abstracts can be found on Abstract Book Download Link.

The final report of the seminar can be found on Women in Science Seminar Report Download Link. 

Featured Presentation by Dr. Anne Pepin on Women in Science in France : The CNRS experience 

Seminar Day 1

Picture1-compressedTo see more information on keynote lecture and plenary talks on day one and to download presentations please click on following link :  More information on Seminar Day 1 




From left to right: Dr. Jenifer Clark, Dr. Debapriya Dutta,

Prof. Anurag Kumar, Prof. Rohini Godbole, Dr. Manju Sharma, Mr. Eric Lavertu

Seminar Day 2

Picture2-compressedThe second day of the seminar constituted of four plenary lectures on life science and three plenary lectures on Physical & Mathematical sciences including the second keynote address. Out of these seven talks, two of the talks were delivered by young researchers (first postdoctoral level). Two talks addressing gender issues in science in France & India were organised prior to the panel discussion that addressed participation of women in science. A second poster session took place featuring another 40 posters from life sciences and physical and mathematical sciences.


Please click on following weblink to find more information on Panel Discussion : More information on Panel Discussion


To see more information on plenary lectures on day 2 of the seminar and to download presentations please visit following weblink :  More information on Seminar Day 2

Seminar Day 3

Picture3-compressedThe final day of the seminar included four scientific talks on physical and mathematical sciences and three talks on life sciences. Three of the seven talks were delivered by young women researchers. Outstanding poster presentation awards were delivered during the closing ceremony of the seminar.


Please click on following weblink to find more information on plenary talks on day 3 and to download presentations: More information on Seminar Day 3



Picture5-compressedOverall, this first experience of an Indo-French seminar which showcased the excellent science done by French and Indian women scientists, both experienced and young researchers, with a panel session to discuss the important issues related to gender issues in the academic world, was a great success. We hope that it can be repeated in the future.

In retrospect the real measure of success of this seminar was in the participation of a large number of young women scientists from different parts of India, coming from as far as away as Rajasthan, Delhi, Kolkata and Assam. Wewere ourselvesoverwhelmed by the very large number of high quality submissions to the conference. Both the senior and junior women scientists enjoyed this forum and format.

To quote one of the participants: “The seminar was a wonderful junction point where scientists from various fields met. It was also a wonderful junction point of young and not so young people.”

We feel this encapsulates the impression that people have carried away about the seminar. One of the young prize winners may have an opportunity of collaboration and training in France, which became available only because of the seminar. So it seems that the seminar has already begun to pay dividends.

Seminar Photographs can be seen on  https://www.facebook.com/FrenchScienceIndia

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